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2013-06-09 12:00 am


 Too many fic ideas and fics to write, too little time.

I have to update Dangerous Business, Going Out Your Door and The Backward Step. I also need to start the next chapter of We Are As Mayflies. And speaking of things that need to be started, I also need to get cracking on House of Bones; there's one of my summer projects sorted, as well as getting a start on learning Danish.

Since I should have The Backward Step finished soon enough, I might be able to start on my latest fancy, if it sticks around long enough. The working title is Ragnarok, though I might keep it as that. It's a Black Cat fic, set in the manga-verse and is really heavily inspired by the anime ending because yeah, watching that at 23:30 is a brilliant idea. I'd like to thank Kentaro Yabuki for naming a character after the god whose death brought about the end of the world. A++, Yabuki, you've given me so much fanfic fodder.